Allison Epstein is a Chicago-based writer pursuing her MFA in fiction at Northwestern University. She is represented by Bridget Smith at Dunham Literary for current and future projects. Originally from Lansing, Michigan, Allison received her BA in creative writing from the University of Michigan in 2014.

Allison’s fiction has been published in journals including Hypertrophic Literary, the Chicago Reader, Pantheon Magazine, and others. Her creative nonfiction and essays have appeared in The Rathalla Review, The Huffington Post, Everyday Feminism, and others. She is an editor emeritus of Adios Barbie, and was the inaugural recipient of the Emerging Writers Award from the University of Michigan’s Residential College.

In her fiction, Allison enjoys experimenting with genre, tone, and the worst possible way to sneak in a pun without getting yelled at by readers. Special areas of interest include Elizabethan and Victorian historical fiction, historical fantasy, and stories about dysfunctional Midwestern couples passive-aggressively making breakfast, which for some reason is a topic she continually revisits.

Allison is also a senior copywriter with a focus on B2B and healthcare clients. Her work has received nominations for both B2 and Ace awards.