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Short (22 words, 131 characters)

Allison Epstein is a historical fiction author and marketing copywriter based in Chicago. A Tip for the Hangman is her first novel.

Medium, Formal, Third Person (80 words)

Allison Epstein is a Michigan native, current Chicagoan, and hopefully someday the owner of a New England lighthouse. She holds an MFA in fiction from Northwestern University and a BA in creative writing from the University of Michigan. Allison works as a marketing copywriter at an agency serving not-for-profit clients. Two of her greatest joys in life are Broadway musicals and puns that get her thrown out of the group chat. A Tip for the Hangman is her first novel.

Long, Not Formal, First Person (198 words)

I’m a historical fiction writer with an MFA in fiction from Northwestern University. I finished my BA in creative writing from the University of Michigan in 2014. Currently, I live in Chicago and share a home with two cats.

I was born in Lansing, Michigan, as was Burt Reynolds, star of the 1960s TV show Gunsmoke. Burt Reynolds has been a surprisingly large presence in my life. I still do not know what to make of this.

Some favorite publication credits include: Luna Station Quarterly, Hypertrophic Literary, the Chicago Reader, Necessary Fiction, Adios Barbie, and the American Book Review. I also received the 2019–2020 Distinguished Thesis award from Northwestern University.

Things I apparently can’t stop writing about: church schisms, rats, high-stakes dinner parties, the Decembrist revolt of 1825, spies who betray each other, Anne of Cleves, salmon, librarians, and passive-aggressive breakfasts.

My non-writing interests include elaborate ceilings, ramen, coming up with names for dogs, laying out increasingly complex bullet journal spreads, puns of the worst order, musical theater, and shopping for fancy jackets.

By day, I work as a marketing copywriter for not-for-profit clients, primarily higher education and the arts. By night, I am in bed by 10:30.

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