Let’s talk books!

Want to know more about the world of Elizabethan London and Renaissance theater? Of course you do. You wouldn’t click on a page titled “References” unless you were the kind of person who enjoyed a good bibliography.

You can find many of the books that informed my research or inspired the story on my Bookshop list!

There are also a few great books that don’t show up on Bookshop, but can be found through your favorite used book store or wherever you buy written material:

* Burgess, Anthony. A Dead Man in Deptford.
* Cheney, J.B. The Playmaker.
* Hancox, Joy. Kingdom for a Stage: Magicians and Aristocrats in the Elizabethan Theatre.
* Nicholl, Charles. The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe.

Let’s talk plays, films, and TV!

More Marlowe on stage, please! It’s all I want!

Here are some favorite films or theater productions, either about Marlowe specifically, the time period generally, or in one specific instance with Kit Marlowe as an elderly vampire. Not all of these are to-the-letter historically accurate, but all of them are great fun.